How to become a Deal Champion

Executive Course for Deal Champion


“How to Become a Deal Champion” is an executive course developed out of a need for business angels to learn more about the role and duties of the Deal Champion in early-stage startup investments.

The Deal Champion is the investors’ advocate in dealing with the startup throughout the investment life cycle from due diligence to exit. The Deal Champion is normally rewarded by a carried interest and may be either the director of the vehicle and/or the proxy in the startup’s meetings.

The classes are held in italian.


Who is the course addressed to

  • A4W and A4I Members
  • Other Business Angel Groups Members
  • Professionals
  • Mentors interested in learning more about the topic.
  • Individual business angels.


The course includes two deep dive meetings to define activities and tasks from the preliminary investment’s stages, during management to exit.

The classes will be in tandem with the 3rd and 4th classes of How to Become a Business Angel with a networking cocktail shared by the participants of the two courses.

The meetings will be held in a hybrid version starting at 7 p.m. and include:


1 h 10’ Face-to-face lesson
10’ Expert’s Testimony
10’ Q&A

Schedule and Dates


May 30th 2022 – Due Diligence and investment management

Teacher: Paolo Giolito

Testimonial: Silvia Pugi


June 6th 2022 – Exit strategies

Teacher: Simone Zanolo

Testimonial: Matteo Paganin




The cost is:

  • Full price: 700 € + IVA
  • Early bird: 490 € + IVA (registration by May 15th 2022)

– The course is included in Angels4Women’s and Angels4Impact‘s membership.

– For those who join one of the two clubs later, the Early bird price will be discounted from the membership.



– For IBAN, IAG and Marisa Bellisario Foundation members there is a special price of 420 €+ VAT corresponding to a 40% discount.

NB: A no-show fee of 50 euros will be charged in case of registration and non-participation.


The lectures will be held by key figures fromImpact Hub and selected A4W partners, with the possibility of having the presence and testimonials by entrepreneurs and business angels.

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